Crews backed by enormous mega-corporations roam the galaxy. In pursuit of their own goals these brave adventures set forth to find their place among the stars.
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 Ideas open to all

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Always Bet on Black
Always Bet on Black

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PostSubject: Ideas open to all   Thu Apr 07, 2016 2:47 pm

1: The Weekly Complication.
Each week we roll on a table for ships to see if something malfunctions on their ship/ something in space goes wrong for them. These complications should be used to encourage roleplay, having a balanced crew, and keeping people on their toes.

Possible events:
System Failure, one of the ships systems looses power, and an engineer has to fix it. This could be the engines, communication array, maybe even the weapon systems fail.
Meteor Shower, An array of space rock suddenly starts pounding the crew's ship. An experienced pilot could navigate the ship through danger. Failure to avoid the damage could lead to hull damage.
Space plague. No not a space plague. A plague. in. Spaaaaaaaaaaace. A sickness begins sweeping the crew. A good doctor could head the problem off before it begins. Otherwise crew members could be lost.

2: NPC Crew system

3: Faction System
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Ideas open to all
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