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 Drell Memory

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Always Bet on Black
Always Bet on Black

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PostSubject: Drell Memory   Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:16 am

Name: Drell Memory
Back Ground: Drell have perfect memory, and can relive moments of their life with perfect clarity.

Stats: Ranks can be purchased in this talent up to the user's Intelligence Rank.
A: A Drell's memory has reached the point where they can perfectly recreate movements and techniques they've seen performed before. If a drell meets the requirements for a talent they've seen performed they may purchase a rank in that talent at half price, rounding up. This only applies up to the rank that you saw performed.

B: When a drell enters a room they've been in before they can tell if people have been in it since then. They can tell if objects have been moved, if the smell of the room is different, any number of indicators.

C: wip
D: wip
E: A Drell Never forgets a person's face.

Requirements: Drell
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Drell Memory
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