Crews backed by enormous mega-corporations roam the galaxy. In pursuit of their own goals these brave adventures set forth to find their place among the stars.
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 Creating a new character (wip)

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Always Bet on Black
Always Bet on Black

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PostSubject: Creating a new character (wip)   Sat Apr 09, 2016 2:32 pm

So You've decided that you'd like to take the plunge and join out universe. Well thanks for joining! Now let's make you a character.

First things first. Let's find you a race. The Mass Effect universe is filled with a variety of alien species with interesting cultures and abilities. The corporations of the universe don't discriminate between species so you won't have to worry about your specific race fitting in with the crew.

The list of races for our site is listed: Here.

Each race has a few talents that they start out with, as well as their starting stats. If you haven't read up on stats yet you can find that information: Here


As a member of a crew that means that you have to pull your own weight. Each member starts out specalized in a specific skill at the start of your carrier. As you rise up the ranks you'll be able to learn more abilities.

If you haven't read up on our specalizations yet, you can find that information: Here

The Fun Part:

With those two big decisions out of there way you're ready to start making your character. The following is the format you've got to follow when creating your own character.


Stats: Stats are determined by your race, however people aren't limited by their genes. When making your character you can choose one of your stats and level it up for free. (You can't push any stats beyond B-Rank.
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Creating a new character (wip)
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