Crews backed by enormous mega-corporations roam the galaxy. In pursuit of their own goals these brave adventures set forth to find their place among the stars.
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 Pistols Talent

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Always Bet on Black
Always Bet on Black

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PostSubject: Pistols Talent   Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:51 pm

Name: Pistols
Back Ground: Pistols are close- and mid-range weapons designed for a variety of situations, particularly shooting on the move. They lack the automatic fire of assault rifles, and do less damage compared to shotguns or sniper rifles.
Type: (Passive)
Scaling: Agility

Stats: What are the different ranks, and what do they do?
A: With a final modification your pistols carry more of a punch. Your pistols now ignore a rank of armor, if your target has any.

B: Your pistols are now like an extension of your body. You can draw and shoot your pistols in the same moment with no hindrance to accuracy.

C: You're now agile enough to wield two pistols accurately. Akimbo Ya'll.

D: With a little modification you're able to make your pistol's heat sink more effectively, increasing a pistols ammo capacity by 10%(Rounding up.)

E: You know how to hold and fire a pistol, good job!

Bonus Requirements:
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Pistols Talent
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